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    Is there a simple way to "reset" a component?

    lee704 Level 1

      I have an application with a ViewStack.  When the user selects a menu item, the selectedChild of the ViewStack changes to disply the component I have specified.


      The component populated based on several database calls and other controls.  The user then enters some information into the controls on the component and clicks a submit button.  The submit button then displays a TitleWindow allowing the user to confirm the data.  The user then click an OK button to submit their input to the database.


      At this point, I want the user to be returned to the component, but I want the component to be "reset" in that none of the information the user has entered will be displayed and the beginning of the component will be displayed instead of where the user had previously exited the component (on submit).


      Is there a simple way to do that?  I thought I could just recall the component from the ViewStack but that does not work.


      Any help would be appreciated.