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    No option in adobe reader 9.2 when opening a pdf file to "save as" a tiff file


      Hi, I want to save a pdf file as a tiff file.  I have Adobe Reader 9.2 and windows xp.  In the Adobe website, it says I can export or convert a pdf file into different formats.  However, when opening an existing pdf file, there isn't an option to export or "save as" in the Tools menu or in the Preferences under Edit.  The reason I want to save a pdf file into a tiff file format is because when I use the program Microsoft Office Document Imaging to open a tiff file, it allows me the option to move selected pages & save it as a new file.  In a pdf file, I have to save all the pages as one file & I don't necessarily want all the pages.   My only other option is to print the selected pages I want from the adobe file document and then scan it into a tiff file but I would hate to use paper just for that purpose.


      Any help is appreciated.