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    After Effects questions

    KONA Don Level 1

      aloha all,

      I can't find a forum dedicated to after effects so I'm asking in the forum that I get the most help from.  sorry if this is the wrong place.

      I've created an after effect project. I want to render it for four (4) very specific uses.  Unfortunately, I dont know what that those formats should be given the options in AE-CS4.  One of the many "render settings" and "output module" settings is to "make template".  This seems the best option for me considering my future uses: 1) for DVD; 2) for email; 3) for YouTube; 4) my web site.  I've read and re-read the rendering and export options in the CS4-AE User Manual without success in understanding what each option should be used for.  I need help in translation from pixelpicker-speak.

      Can anyone help me by speaking to those precise "render settings" and "output module" settings listed in AE within the "make template" option???

      Many Thanks...come visit the watrer is warm and clear as always.