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    novice here!  Can't get my Canon G-10 files to open on PS CS4 (Mac)

    Shipra Panosian

      Total novice on Mac so I really need some 'for dummies' pointers PLEEEEEEASE!

      I have a G-10 and while I can view the cr2 images under the Finder, I can't view the images in Bridge.  I have PS CS4 that i just bought about a month ago.  I can view the CR2 files from my Canon 5D, and 40D though, just not the G-10.


      I installed the latest version of ACR and restarted my computer.  I just downloaded and hit the install button so I am assuming everything updated as it was supposed to.  I did get an install successful message.


      Thanks beforehand.  This is driving me nuts.  I don't want to have to convert to DNG files.