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    Corrupt HTML tables

      I'm new to Robohelp, and I'm having a problem with importing existing HTML files. Tables are corrupted, with all of the table content being listed, followed by the table structure itself. Has anyone else seen this, and what am I doing wrong.

      Thanks in advance,

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi malcw53 and welcome to the RH forums.

          If you open the HTML files outside of RH, do the tables display correctly? If so, are you just using the File > Import > HTML Files menu item and selecting the required files? Also are you referring to the WYSIWYG or the resulting output? It would also be useful if you could tell us what output type you are generating and the version of RH you are using.
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            malcw53 Level 1
            Thanks for the quick response. I'm using the 'Import HTML' function in Robohelp 7 HTML. I've had a look and the resultant HTML doesn't display correctly outside the application. I've attached code showing original code prior to the import, and how it looks after. Cutting and pasting from the original document into the HTML code within Robohelp solves the problem, but some of these documents are big, with many such tables.


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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              I'm wondering if the <td /> tags are the issue here. I don't know what was used to produce the HTML pages you have but you may want to try a test and remove the " /" so that the tag is just <td> and </td>.
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                malcw53 Level 1

                Yes that was it. My fault I'm afraid - I wrote the original docs using non W3C compliant HTML. Firefox & IE handle it, but it doesn't translate well in Robohelp.
                Thanks very much for your help.