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    Flash CS3 stopped working


      All of a sudden I was working and Flash CS3 crashed. The Windows Vista pop up said Adobe Flash CS3 has stopped working. So I figured it does that once in a while. But, after restarting my computer I opened up Flash and went to create a new Flash File and the same thing happened. It was only when I went to create a new file or open a file is when it crashes. Flash opens up fine, but screws up when I try to do anything with regards to actually working with it. So after I re-installed CS3, still nothing. I need this program and would like it to work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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          AttaBoy2 Level 4

          I have both CS3 and CS4, neither work 100% and my cs4 recently lost the ability to encode video.  Strange stuff.  You aren't running a trial version are you?  When you uninstalled did you deactivate first?  I'm not sure if you have to deactivate first if you're just putting it back on the same computer.  I don't feel I have any really good ideas for you now hopedully someone will come along who knows exactly what the problem is.  There's a Adobe employee named Jen something who seems pretty helpful.

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            Kcotter Level 1

            I didn't deactivate it. Since it was on the same computer I figured I didn't need to. Nope, I bought it and it was all fine until yesterday. It's weird. After restarting and checking for updates, nothin happend and it was still screwed up.