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    Stills go outside the 16:9 borders PE4


      Hi there!


      I have a small videoproject with stills in it. I have some jpg-files that i made with photoshop. I import them to premiere and then i fiddled around with some effects. One is the scale property. I change the scale over time so that the effect will be a zooming in on the still photo. It looks as intended inside premiere elements 4 but when i export the video to a quick time movie the edges of the still photo will go out of the boarders on the 16:9 format as the scale increases. Its a bit hard to explain but someone might be able to help... what am I doing wrong? It works as inside PE4 when i export to an avi file.... My project is set to 16:9 format and is wide with in premiere. When i look at my video inside premiere it looks ok. (When the up-scaled photo crosses the edges of the screen it disappears out of it as it should).


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're increasing the scale of your photo, then it should go beyond the edges of your video frame, andrew. That's what scaling does.


          Or maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying.


          Can you post your video on YouTube or Vimeo or some place where we can see it and see if it's behaving properly?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I am not sure that I am understanding your issue correctly, but here is my first impression/question.


            What settings are you using for your QuickTime export? Have you gone into the settings under the Advance Button in the QuickTime area to make sure that they are set correctly for your project?



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              logicmanandrew Level 1

              Hi again!


              Its a bit confusing and hard to explain. The problem, i might post a vid later on, is as follows:


              1. When I save my project to a file (movie) I click "file export movie" and choose settings and then quicktime, then codex h264 and under video i chose pixel aspect ratio PAL widescreen 16:9. When I view this file in quick time player its still not 16:9 format but rather squeezed into a 4:3 frame in the player. Thats strange. Thats the first problem. (This works (its a 16:9 windows in QT player) if I instead save the movie from the "Share" feature in premiere elements with the same settings...).. strange..


              2. The second problem, the one i came here for in the first place =) .

              If i have a project set to 16:9 format in PE and add a picture. If i then scale this one up over time to make a zoom in effect strange things happen. When i export this project to a QT file (if it comes out with black borders on top and bottom that is..) it first looks good. Then when the scale effect starts the picture will fill out and zoom in and the edges of it will cross the black borders and go outside them... kinda like youd have a layer with black borders and then the scaleing image infront of them. Like its a letterboxed 4:3 window with my 16:9 contenct inside but since "it is" a 4:3 windows the scaleing image will go out into the black borders.  As i said in my last post the problem wasnt there if I exported to an .avi file instead of QT.


              Today, when i tried this again to see what i did exactly when outputting the file i cant seem to get the same problem to occur anyomore.. now its just my problem #1 as described above. Very annoying. I'll write here again if i figure out what i did to get the "scaling problem" to appear.



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                I had the same problem with PE7 and asked for help.  What fixed it for me, at someone's suggestion, was to size all of the pictures so that they weren't larger then 16:9 or 1920x1080.  When I did that with each picture, then everything worked fine when it was exported, and even with the effects, the pictures stayed within the wide screen border.



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                  logicmanandrew Level 1

                  Hi there! Thanks for the answer. I will try what u suggested and see if it works.. it might make some sense. Im a photographer and used to big resolutions. That might not be needed when using stills in videos but rather for print. Ill post back here if i find out anything useful!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Not only are the large image sizes not needed, but they are detrimental to quality and also to the functions of the NLE and the Project.


                    This ARTICLE will give you tips on the why and the how. For print work, bigger is better, but for video, it is not the same. One can only see the pixel x pixel dimensions of the Frame Size, and other than to give some pixels for animating Motion>Position, they only get in the way, and steal processing resources.


                    Good luck,