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    Where do I get eps parser plugin for adobe photodeluxe home edition 3.x and photodeluxe business edition 1.x


      Had to do a recovery on my Windows Xp Media Edition yesterday.  Just got this message when I started up my PC today and tried to open up Adobe Photoshop Business Edition 1.0 (I know, i know, but I LIKE Photoshop Business Edition 1.0.  It does everything I need it to do without all the complications):  "The program you are trying to run has a plug-in to correct known issues with this version of Windows.  You should install the EPS Parser plug-in for Adobe Photodeluxe Home Edition 3.x and Business Edition 1.x to insure proper operation on this version of Windows.  Contact the vendor regarding upgrades that are compatible with this version of Windows."



      Can someone point me to a page with this download on it, please and thank you?