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    Colour changes when printing


      I don't know if anyone else has experienced this - I have a Nikon D60, and shoot in RAW. I edit in ACR 4.4 and until recently was very happy with the results. I am now finding that when I have prints commercially done, red is not printing as expected.No matter how bright or saturated I make it, the result prints a muddy brownish pink colour. Skin tones are very bland, but any images without red in them are printing perfectly.


      Has anyone any suggestions?



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          xbytor2 Level 4

          Printing locally is OK but at the commercial printer, things fail. Correct?


          Find out what your Printer is expecting (tif/jpg, 8/16bit, sRGB/AdobeRGB) etc... and go from there.

          You are likely giving them something that they can't cope with. You could also ask them. This is the

          kind of problem they should be able to solve quickly.



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            maxuuu Level 1

            Thanks for the input. I had already made the decision to discuss it with the lab next week when I am down there. It seems to me they may have changed machines, as I have never had the problem before.


            Time will undoubtedly tell!