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    pre elements 7: changing new project settings


      This is a truly informative forum and thanks to all in advance. If I can get the type of help I have been reading I will be able to finish a project completely, I’m looking forward tom it. I just read a thread (PRESETS in Pre 7). I t was truly informative and answered many questions I was intending on posting after my initial question. It touched on presets just briefly. I can not find an option for presets, prior to editing. I do have options on sharing but that’s for a later post. Is it true you should start your project with the proper preset then share or export with the same .. ok I’m getting ahead of myself. My first problem / question is


      I want to change my settings for a new project.

      I open premiere elements 7.

      I click on new project; the new project drop down comes up

      I click on change settings bubble, bottom left. The setup drop down opens

      Under AVAILABLE PRESETS nothing is listed

      Out of the four buttons at the bottom only cancel is lit and operable


      When project is open new

      I click on edit, click on project settings, click on general.

      Editing mode is unchangeable dv ntsc is dimmed


      What’s up. How can I change project settings to hdv 720p 30




      here's what I see in my dropdown

      pre7 help.JPG

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This comes up once in a while, Mox. And it's an installation issue related, I think, to the difference between how XP and Vista stores their program files.


          Your presest, at least in XP, should be in C/PROGRAM FILES/ADOBE/PREMIERE ELEMENTS/SETTINGS/EN_US.


          I forget how you restore them if they got lost during installation. (Doing a repair install -- in which you do an installation without uninstalling the program -- may do it.)


          Otherwise, I'd recommend you post to our "sister" site, Muvipix.com. I'm sure one of the sharp people there will remember the fix and get you a solution within a few minutes!


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            mox90291 Level 1

            thanks Steve, Wacky thing is I can't find that settings folder. Worst thing is I can't find my installation disc. Guess it's off to the store to get Pre8.With a new camera and and new computer coming tomorrow,  I might as well get the latest software. Thanks again. I'm sure you will hear from me again.