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    Managing AVCHD Source Clips - What's Your Method?

    Joker B

      I'm not sure if other cameras behave the same way, but when I get AVCHD clips from my Canon they have serial number names that ALWAYS start at 00001.MTS -- so if I shoot on three cards, I end up with three sets of identically-named clips.


      I've been reluctant to rename the source clips -- apprehensive that I may be losing information that's also stored in the associated INDEX.BDM -- is naming the top-level directory the best one can do, organization-wise? Not very pretty, it means I still end up importing multiple 00001 and 00005 clips etc.


      Has anyone have a clean way to do some broad-stroke organizing from within PP or the Media Browser? Binning is fine, but a lot of tedious busywork imo.