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    Getting poor still image quality in SD project on CS4


      hey guys. sorry if you heard this one, but i havent seen anything addressing this.


      i am using CS4 to edit a Standard def project and i am running into a problem with still images being choppy and distorted.

      I tried all options to produce a better quality, but i get poor quality in the timeline monitor even after i render preview. the ouput

      when i export is equally bad.


      what i did find out was that if i switched projects in favor of an HD 720 the images are crisp on import and look good.

      am i missing something. i assumed the images looked bad because they werent rendered and since i didnt need to render to edit i didnt want to lose the time, so now i'm stuck with those images, or i have to scrap the project and start again in hd and i prefer not to. i would have done it in hd, but the footage i was given was SD. anyways i would appreciate some help. thanks!


      btw i've tried to export in both MS DV and WMV

      i have tried importing psd png and jpg i have used all these in the past in pro2 with no problem