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    Unable to export a functioning video file from Premiere Pro CS4


      I'm unable to get a functional video from Adobe Media Encoder (exporting a timeline from Premier Pro CS4).


      I've run through the default settings, and only a handful of them work at all, though some labeled progressive introduce aliasing (60p source video, 23.976p timeline), some produce stretched video, others create a video file that plays at half speed and has no audio.


      QuickTime export seems to result in audio that has a stuttering "resynchronization" effect.


      I'd like to create a 720p24 h.264 or MPEG4 video file (as an avi, mov, or mp4) with compressed audio that works properly in VLC, QuickTime Player, etc.


      I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (had the same problems with Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Vista Home Premium 32 bit).


      I'd appreciate any help.