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    AreaSeries areaFill method help????

      Can anyone please help me with the following code.
      Apparently I'm not able to use the areaFill, areaStroke function on the areaSeries object.
      It return "no such porperty or method error"

      Thanks in advance
      aSeries = new AreaSeries();
      aSeries.id = "series"+i+""+j;
      aSeries.xField = "x";
      aSeries.yField = "y"+j;
      aSeries.displayName = seriesArr .SeriesY[j];

      aSeries.areaFill = new SolidColor(0xFD8820, 0.20);
      aSeries.areaStroke = new Stroke(0xFD8820, 0.20);
      aSeries.fill = new SolidColor(0xFD8820, 0.20);
      aSeries.radius = 3;
      aSeries.form = "segement";