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    Transparency settings In Illustrator for use in InDesign

    steve faulkner Level 1

      Hi Guys


      I am using Illustrator 14 (CS4) I have a logo that comprises of items that are coloured white and set to various different opacity percentages. The items are set on a transparent background, When the saved eps file is placed in InDesign 6 (CS4) the opacity of the items has disappeared and they view as solid white on top of a coloured background.


      Can Illustrator contain transparency for placing in InDesign?


      I know I can save as a .ai file and place the file in Photoshop then save as a .psd, now the transparency is retained and all looks good in InDesign, but should I have to do this? Is illustrator incapable of producing a file that works in InDesign in the same way as Photoshop?


      The colour mode of the Illustrator file is CMYK, just in case this has any bearing.


      Cheers guys your help is much appreciated, I have attached some images that I hope help show the problem.


      Indesign with eps file


      Illustrator file viewed in Illustrator


      Ai file placed in Photoshop smart layer, saved as .psd and placed in InDesign