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    Plotchart line and items disappear


      Hi ,


      I have created a custom component using a plotchart on a panel with a legend.  There are multiple series created using actionscript and in addition I create a line of best fit (lineSeries) for each series.  This works fine.


      However in another part of my application I use the same component (another instance of it) in conjunction with ViewStates.


      The problem arises when I look at the one instance of the component (which is in a simple canvas container) then go to the tab which uses the viewStates and look at the viewState which contains the plotChart component and then go back to the simple container again. The plotchart markers and the line of best fit (lineSeries) in the simple container has disappeared.


      It gets worse.  When I roll my mouse over the chart the showDataTips for each item become visible even though the markers still arent visible and effectively the showDataTip points are in the wrong place on the chart given the scale of the chart.


      I've tried everything here.  Any suggestions welcome.