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    Should I be laughing or Crying?


      The web is moving toward utilizing 3d assets at a breakneck pace.  Director was ahead of its time and was perfectly positioned to lead this evolution just as Flash spearheaded animation on the web...except there it has sat for years.  Director has sat watching as competitors emrerged; it has watched as those competitors developed their product and captured market share; and now it sits and watches as they close more funding and pull ahead.  There is no excitement around Director at this point, frankly it has become embarrasing to mention.  Regardless of Directors future, it seems to be currently penning the final lines of a chapter entitled "How to throw away innovation and advantage".  So my question is, should I be laughing that I'll be saving money using a competitors product in the near future, or should I be crying that a suite of complimentary products that I have relied on and been loyal to for so long has finally hit a boundary.

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          Joseph Bergevin

          Director never got the same developer audience that Flash did. The tool was out there - years ago, as you've said - but aparently no one knew or wanted to know how to program with it. I think it's an artifact of the original audience, who were largely graphics people instead of programmers. What more should Macromedia have done? Why should they waste capital on a product with no demand?

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            What more should Macromedia have done? Why should they waste capital on a product with no demand?

            That's not historically true. Director is the product that "made" Macromedia what it became - it provided them the capital to buy out FutureSplash, for example. At some point MM decided that the Web, and Flash in particular, was the most important thing and promptly neglected Director, despite already having the DSW plugin in their stable.

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              TobyRobb Level 1

              Good point Joseph.  For the length of time that Director has been around I'm sure there was a period where development efforts were better diverted to other technology at Macromedia to draw a larger development audience.  I'm frustrated, however, that Director did not continue to develop, especially after being acquired by Adobe, to continue leading the way toward more complex content and interactivity through Shockwave.  It seems your comment is part of the explanation, however.  Director is perhaps a legacy program that created a unique niche, but ultimately got too cumbersome and had too much tainted market value to keep up with it.  Now that developers are looking again for the benefits Director offered, it would be easier for Adobe to either acquire another spryer/younger product, or try to build similar functionality into one of their stronger brands.


              Time to go cry in a beer before spending another evening learning ColdFusion.  It seems to me that a reoccuring lesson of consumerism is that commitment to one companies line of products will always, at some point, turn into foolish masochism.

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                ShovelRider Level 1

                You aren't the only one brother...


                Sad state.