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    Animation with rollover text links

      I am designing a header graphic on a website for a client. She sells dog equipment, and is requesting a header that has little dog bones that fall in the background. I have accomplished creating this. Basically it contains a background color, a logo, and text links to different areas of the website. The bones that fall are animated and they fall behind the text and the logo. My problem is, I need to have the text links change colors when you put your mouse on them. (rollover) They are buttons with up and down. When I test my animation, the text links play with the animation, blinking back and forth to the different colors. (pulling out my hair here after 2 hours of creating this!)

      Is it not possible to have regular buttons that do rollover with the animated symbols or am I doing something wrong? Anyone have any recommendations?
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          pixlor Level 4

          I think I can see what it is that you're trying to accomplish, but yes, you're directing the browser to play an animated graphic behind other images that are also dynamic, and I gotta think that's a scary idea. (How big is your background header image - in bytes -anyway? I bet it's pretty good sized.)

          Anyway, either move your buttons so they're not over an animation or do this concept in Flash, where you have one animation with multiple elements. As an example of the first thought, can the design be changed so that the bones land on something that is not all the way to the bottom of the image? If so, then move the buttons over an area that is static, and have that part of the design be a static image, not part of the animation.