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    mx:Box as ItemRenderer and varying height data

    MarkMeTo Level 1



      I have a mx:List component which displays instances of a value object and am using an item renderer to display the data within the list. The renderer is derived from an mx:Box.


      The problem occurs when the data to be displayed is of a varying height (the data may have 0 to many pieces of extra data associated with it which are displayed with the use of a mx:Repeater within the renderer). I can't get the mx:Box to have a varying height dependent upon the height of the data contained within it. I've tried 'height="100%"', which makes no difference, and also 'verticalScrollPolicy="off"', which just truncates the data in the List irrespective of height.


      Is there any way of displaying variable height data through an ItemRenderer?


      Thanks for any assistance.