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    Overall problems with Premiere elments

    roselafleure Level 1

      I downloaded the trial version hoping to get a glimpse of something wonderful.  I have Elements 8 and hoped that I could create slideshows with more and better animation.  When I try to create a slideshow it is not near as user friendly as Elements 8.  The slideshow clips have to be done one by one.  It is very slow.  Can't seem to drag and drop the audio.  Is anyone else having success.  It also seems to crash regularly.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm confused... you say you downloaded Premiere Elements 8... then you say you HAVE Elements 8... just what do you have... the FULL name?

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            roselafleure Level 1

            I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and I am quite happy with the way it does slideshows.


            I downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements 8, the free trial, in hopes that it would do the same as Photoshop elements 8 with added features that it advertises namely "stunning video slide shows with Hollywood style".  It doesn't.  It is slow.  I can import media but to then drag it into the slideshow it has to be done one at a time.  It runs so slow.  The effects and transitions are not impressive and from time to time the software crashes.

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              roselafleure Level 1

              My source files are simply pictures from my hard drive which I import.  My goal is to create slideshows for personal use with stunning transitions and effects.  Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 does good slideshows for me and I have no problems.  I guess I expected too much from Premiere Elements 8.  I have a friend who when he starts out a slideshow a drop of water hits the water surface and opens up to an image.  I have no idea what he uses but I expected premiere elements 8 to be able to do this.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                First, I highly recommend that you resize your photos to no larger than 1000x750 pixels before you bring them into a Premiere Elements project. You'll get the best quality doing this as well as the best performance.


                That said, you still haven't said how you're creating a slideshow in Premiere Elements -- but as I said there are two automatic slideshow creators built into Premiere Elements in addition to the workflow that interfaces with the Organizer. So, depending on your goals, as I said, there are a number of ways -- both automatic and manual -- for achieving your goals.


                I don't know, for instance, if you plan to create a slideshow just to watch on your computer, to display on a web site or to burn to a DVD, but the three Elements programs (Photoshop, Premiere and the Organizer) are designed to work as a bundle to help you accomplish whatever it is you're trying to do as efficiently as possible.


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                  What size are those images which you are importing? PRE is not optimized to work with very High-def images hence that might lead to a problem.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Maybe I am missing something here, but in PrE, you can Import as many still images as you need. From the Project Panel (where these are shown, after Import), you can click-drag, or Shift-click-drag (for more than one) them to the Timeline, or to the Sceneline. You can order them, as is needed. There is no need to do it one image at a time.


                    Now, as has been said, getting your still images resized before Import is a very important step. This ARTICLE will give you some tips on doing it in PS/PSE in an automated fashion. This will improve performance greatly and will also result in better quality - this is one time that "bigger" is not "better."


                    Good luck,