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    Relinking Footage


      I recently reinstalled my OS and the process was smooth but I do have one issue.  The media in one of my Premiere Pro CS3 projects is all unlinked.  This media was a bit different because I had to manually set the interpretation (they are .m2v files).  However, when I try to relink the footage, it says it is not the right type.  I think this is probably because the interpretation is set different.  Is there a way to relink this footage without having to start my project all over again?

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          Andrey V Level 2

          Well you have to correct your media files and it will let you re-link. Or if you can import that media again into project, select it and right click on time line on the clip chose replace from bin and that will replace existing clip with one that is selected in the project panel.

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            compuguru Level 1

            Thanks for the response!  I noticed some audio wasn't working for the m2v files even if I imported them, so I did some researching and found that copying ad2ac3dec.dll from the Encore folder to the Premiere folder fixed the issue.  All the links and everything work.