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    save option disabled in Reader 7 when another user works on the same PDF


      Hi, I'm a first time user of Acrobat Pro 8.1 and 9. I'm creating PDF forms. When I open the forms in Reader 7 and work on them, I can directly save it, I do not have to do 'Save as'. However, when I copy this document on another machine, open it in Reader 7 and make changes, the 'save' option is disabled, whereas, I can do a 'Save as'.


      My client does not want to do a "Save as'. They want to modify the original document and just click 'save'.


      I would like to know if this is an internal feature of Reader 7. Please provide a solution, if any


      P.S: I'm enabling usage rights in Acrobat Professional, still the Save option is not available in machines which don't have Acrobat Professional.