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    Datagrid and mySQL update

      I have a datagrid that is populated by dragging from a tilelist. I would like to pass the info from the datagrid into a mysql database. I've got my HTTP service set up with my mx:request and xml nodes to put into the db. However, there's no info being passed.


      The {} are from the dataField. The fields in the db are added, but it adds [object DataGridColumn] instead of said value. Plus, I'm not quite sure how to add more than one column at a time.

      If there's any tutorials out there directing as to pass datagrid data to a database would be great.

      Thanks for any help.
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          anirudhs Level 2

          If you haven't specified a dataProvider for your datagrid, the data is available via datagridid.dataProvider. If you want to get data associated with a selected row in datagrid, you can say datagridid.selectedItem. If a column's datafield is prodId, the data can be accessed like datagridid.selectedItem.prodId.

          Check out the example in the end at the livedocs page.