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    Possible to have ApplicationControlBar appear above TitleWindow?

    Richard Turner-Jones

      This is Flex 3.4/AS3/FP9 question (not Gumbo)


      Is it possible to adjust the depth/display list properties such that a component (e.g., an ApplicationControlBar ) sits above a TitleWindow? Or to rephrase, have a TitleWindow (PopupManager) not be the highest element in the display list? For my purposes the Popup is non-modal.


      I'd rather look at extending a component (but which one? the ApplicationControlBar or the PopupManager?). I've looked at components like MDICanvas and MDIWindow, but there is a significant performance hit in our application when they are used.


      Alternatively, is it possible to limit a PopupManager's "impact" to a single component/container? i.e., It's confined to the launching containers bounds/depth?


      In the AS2 days I would have swapDepths after getNextHighestDepth(),


      I hope this question makes sense.