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    Hotspot on path?

      I have to create an image map over europe, I don't want to buy any interactive maps. Now my question is; Can I create a hotspot over a selected area using the magic wand or a path, that only covers the outline.

      When I create a path and right clicks it -> Insert hotspot I get a rectangle that also is active outside the path.

      Is there any other program that can assign a hotspot to any sort of shape so I don't have to use the polygon hotspot tool for every country in europe in either dreamweaver nor fireworks.
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          pixlor Level 4
          Hmm. The problem with using a magic wand selection to generate a hotspot is that it would most likely result in a huge set of coordinates for every country, which would make your page bloated: slow to download and not very functional.

          Unless you have outside requirements, I don't think you need to follow the exact outlines of the countries. People tend to click on the middle of a shape, so an approximate shape for a hotspot should be good enough. Use a mix of rectangles, ellipses, and polygons and just get the rough idea down. You just can't have hotspots that overlap.
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            Al1990 Level 1
            Found another way, found an outline of every country in europe and used the trace bitmap in flash then converted every traced outline to a symbol (then checked it as button) and fitted it over my map. This works perfectly and only fills 22kb.