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    GeorgeWS Level 1

      I am using the AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider It works sort of if I use this as my SummaryRenderer:





      public function set data( value:Object ):





      super.data = value;



      rowLabel.htmlText = data.GroupLabel;




      The GroupLabel gets displayed. There is a different field I want to use in the ADG, but dont know how to get at that field.

      My Grouping looks like this:













      id="gf" name="myHeader">





      <mx:Array id="summ">



      <mx:SummaryRow summaryPlacement="group">






      <mx:SummaryField dataField="COMPUTED_COLUMN_6" label="COMPUTED_COLUMN_6"/>



      <mx:SummaryField dataField="myList" operation="SUM" label="myTotal"/>














      Im trying to use COMPUTED_COLUMN_6 in the place of the GroupLabel in the SummaryRenderer is this even possile?