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    Help with a button


      Hello All,


      I need some assistance with a button I created.  Here is the story:


      At the beginning of my project, their is an intro video segment from Frame 1 to Frame 750.  That intro video includes a "Skip Button" and "Intro Music".  I have the "Skip Button" and "Intro Music" set up as individual layers.  I have the "Skip Button" with AS code to go to Frame 760 when clicked and released and that works perfectly.  The problem I am running into is I want the "Intro Music" to stop playing when I click that "Skip Button" but that seems to never happen.  When the "Skip Button" is clicked, it goes to Frame 760 (Thats the way it should) but the "Intro Music" continues to play and I want that to stop.


      What do I need to do to get that to work?


      I am grateful for any help.