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    Adobe clip notes quicktime playback Win XP 64

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      Havng an issue and wondering if anyone has experinced similar problem. When I open adobe clip notes .pdf file in adobe reader (that I exported in PrPro CS4) on windows xp pro 64 bit- the video comes up but the little quicktime play bar with play, pause and stop does not show up- just black where the bar should be. Now I can click on the black and if I click in the correct areas (blindly) I can still pause and play and fast forward- but this is not a good option. When I play the same pdf in Windows XP pro 32 bit the quicktime bar works just fine. I have quicktime 7.6.4 installed on my XP pro 64 bit machine.


      I can export to Windows media and that works with both XP 32 bit and 64 bit- but windows media player won't allow me to scrub the video forward and back like quicktime does


      Any suggestions