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    Popup windows in recording not showing

    LGRIFF Funct Tech

      My colleague and I are working with Captivate 3.0 to record a series of software simulations. When I encountered a problem, we worked off her machine and encountered a new problem.  Could someone please help us with either of these issues?


      I have a number of Adobe products on my computer.  The simulation we are recording requires the download of the SVG Viewer.  (This already exists on my laptop because of the other Adobe products I run.)  The issue on my laptop is when we get to a webpage that includes a graph created by the viewer, all of my drop-down menus fall behind the graph.  I do not know what settings are in place such that it does not treat the web page as a "flat" image.  On my teammate's laptop, this does not occur.




      When my teammate runs Captivate 3.0 to capture the same transaction, whenever the system creates a pop-up window (screen where you enter different options and data -- a sorting tool), the pop-up window either displays the initial log-in screen of the web application or it displays a blank screen. NOTE: I do not encounter this issue on my laptop.


      We are running the most up-to-date version of Captivate 3.0.

      We are recording using these options:

      1.  Software simulation

      2.  Application

      3.  Recording Modes -- Demonstration (Captions, automatically add captions; Mouse -- both options) and (Settings -- Hearing camera sounds during recording, Record keystrokes (hear keyboard tap sounds), Move new windows inside recording areas.


      However, when I run the application, I have no problems with the pop-up windows but she does.  However, I have the issue with the drop-down menus falling behind graphics, a problem she does not have.


      If anyone can provide assistance, that would be wonderful.