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    Turning frame blending off doesn't result in change (unless an effect is applied)

    Andy Bay Level 1



      I have several fast speed clips on my timeline and I need to turn off frame blending in order to avoid the blurriness caused by that setting.


      However, when I turn frame blending off, it has no effect on the clip -it stays just as blurry as before. I discovered a workaround which is applying an effect on the clip that does nothing but still forces premiere to re-render the clip (like curves for example, without changing any parameters). But that's only a workaround and I wouldn't like to have to put an additional effect to every single clip that I have with fast speed. Is there a better way to get Premiere to re-render the clips without frame blending? I tried to render the whole work area again, but still the frame blending persists.


      Any help will be appreciated!