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    Button behavior during video playback


      I have created a video player in CS3 using AS3. It uses the FLVplayback component to play a series of 9 videos. The videos start playing automatically and play consecutively, but there is also a navigation pane with 9 buttons so that the user can jump to specific videos if they want. (I have two different blocks of actionscript.) Each button has two bitmaps - one for the UP state, and one for the OVER, DOWN and HIT states. I have 2 questions:


      Referring to the consecutive video playback, is it possible to display a button in its HIT state while its associated video is playing, and then return it to its UP state when that video is finished playing, even though the button was not clicked?


      Also, if a user clicks a button to play a video, how do I maintain the HIT state until the video is finished playing?