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    SecurityDomain tried to access incompatible context

    wilrevehl007 Level 1

      Strange issue here: I imported an existing project into Flex Builder 3 (a project that was working just fine before) and suddenly I'm being inundated with these SecurityDomain security sandbox violations.  The crux of the error is:


      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityDomain 'file:///D:/ProductMediaVewer/bin-debug/ProductMediaVewer.html' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///D:/ProductMediaVewer/bin-debug/ProductMediaVewer.swf'


      Which is repeated 5 times.  The crazy thing is that this is a shell of an app, there aren't even any guts to this yet!  I can empty the contents of the project .mxml and I still get this error!  The only thing that comes to mind, which is bizarre because it didn't happen before, is that the browser is on C: and the app is on D: -- but I've developed lots of apps on D and never had this come up.  What is going on here?!