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    I need a tutor!  Earn some $ while helping me get out of FB4 hell.


      I'm following along the detailed examples for weeks.  They work.  I try to morph what the examples taught me into a real project... not working.

      I'm not understanding some of the mose basic concepts of data services, value objects, variable life span and scope, and function scope.


      I suspect that in about an hour, using remote session, you'd be able to correct my situation and point out my mistakes and get me on my way.

      I'm using FlashBuilder 4 beta 2 with a ColdFusion back end.  My troubles are all surrounding Data Management, Data Types, Service Calles, Data Service, and modal form(s).   (All things I clearly understood and would mold like putty in my previous programming environment)  FB4 has all similar concepts but how the syntax should be used and how the concepts connect together... trouble.


      Please let me know how I can contact you and we'll set up a tutoring session.