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    Adobe on CD?


      I need to find a CD with the Reader and it's setup on it to load on my computer in my shop. It isn't on line and is too far for Wireless?


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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are talking about the installer file, you can get it at ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/9.x/9.0/enu/AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe

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            123go4it Level 1

            I already tried that. It is a once installer file and when I copy it to a CD it won't install on another machine! I believe I need a new CD or one that can install multiple times!


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              pwillener Level 8

              You can install it as many times as you want; there is absolutely no such limit.


              The newest Adobe Reader installer is here



              I recommend that you download and burn the MSI version on the CD; then you don't need to unpack the EXE every time you install it.

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                123go4it Level 1
                I am destined not to have Adobe Reader on my axuillary computer.  I'be tried everything and each time I get a different warning or it shuts down.  I appreciated the help but I guess the computer is just to old to have Adobe 9.2. This time it says my installer is too old and that's it!!!! I give up!
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                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                  You have not said anything about your setup, so it's difficult to help you. The suggestions you have received work in nearly 100% of the cases, provided the receiving system complies with the requirements. Maybe yours doesn't?

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    123go4it wrote:


                    This time it says my installer is too old ...


                    What Windows version do you have?


                    What Windows Installer version do you have?


                    You can download the latest Windows Installer from here.

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                      123go4it Level 1

                      I am running an older Compaq PC with XP on it.  I just tried to download the installer file and it won't open so I can copy to the CD. I used the proper one too, according to the list of possible downloads on the page.  I don't want to trouble you guys any more. It just isn't in the cards to have Adobe so I can read a file I have on my main PC.  It works just fine.  If I need into that file while in my shop I'll just have to come in the house to get what I need.

                      And for another opinion I wish that windows 98 was still in use. It worked just fine for what I do on a computer!!!

                      Info only. My first computer was a n IBM pc jr. then a 25 mhz Tandy. I shouldn' thave this much trouble with one lousy program!!!!!  LOL!

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                        123go4it Level 1

                        EUREKA!!!!!! Stubborness pays off. I ended up downloading an older ersion of windows installer, and Adobe 6.0. Put in the old computer and walaa!!

                        It automatically up graded to something from 9.2 that was on the CD from before and now I have an operational Reader so I can read my Adobe file that is 598 pages.  Thanks for all the help!