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    Flash Builder 4b2 or Flex Builder 3


      Starting a new project to rewrite a beefy Flex 1.5 application. Should I start with Flash Builder 4b2 or Flex Builder 3? Storyboards will be complete next week and I expect to reach end of job by February of 2010. Some customization of components will be required, but am hoping that current libraries are more rich than the 1.5 libraries (lots of customizations).


      Thanks for your thoughts/recommendations.



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          David_F57 Level 5

          The first thing you need to consider is your time frame, its a very close call as to whether or not you should avoid the risk of how stable FB4 will be by the time your project is supposed to be in the testing stage (by stable, i mean more as in are there still pending changes to the ide/sdk that could break your code in a major way). I think that by xmas it may be reasonable to say the ide/sdk won't be prone to many big changes(fingers crossed).


          So within your time frame 4-5 month timeframe FB4 is starting to look like the right choice.



          The Next thing to consider is which Flashplayer do you wish to target 9+ / 10+ . FB4 allows you to write your app using either the flex 3.4 sdk or the flex4.0 sdk. 


          The 3.4 SDK would be used if you are not ready to target flashplayer 10 and the plus side is that the 3.4 sdk won't be going through as heavy a change schedule as 4.0 sdk, the down side is you don't get to use all the new shiny bits of flex.


          The 4.0 SDK is not yet fully stable and has issues that could see your code breaking once the fixes are applied, with 4.0 you need to target flashplayer 10 but unless you work with digital media agencies who tend to be on the rotting edge of technology this isn't a real problem. So all the possible issues with the 4.0 SDK are also the pluses, latest flashplayer support, lots of new shiny bits which slowly but surely will be more feature rich than the old SDK.


          So if you are confident and are prepared to add abuffer into the project timeline to cope with possibility of code changes required to cope with SDK/IDE updates using Flex 4 is the right choice.


          OK thats my 2 cents worth