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    HELP WITH XML and Duplicating Fields


      I have an access DB which I use to manage client information.  I have exported information from the DB into an "XML schema" and than embedded that into a PDF using the NEW DATA CONNECTION in livecycle design.  My objective is to map my DB fields onto the PDF using the XML schema and save it so I can return later and import the XML data into the form and hit print and have an application almost entirely filled out.  This is where my question comes in.  So on the right hand side [in livecycle designer] appears the fields from my database, Client First Name, Phone Number, etc.  I can grab and drop them onto the form no problem.  I can save the form and return to it and go to manage form data, import and select the appropriate file and the fields are filled in with the approprate data, Voila!   However, if I use one of the fields two times, say Client First Name needs to appear twice on the application, it will map without a problem, but when I go to import the data only the first field will fill in, any duplicate instance of this field is left blank even though to hover over the blank field it reads "Client First Name" or whatever the field is.  In other words the field is there, its been mapped appropriately, it just won't fill itself with the appropriate data.  How do I resolve this?  Please Help me.  This will be a turn key solution for my business and drastically cut down on dupliating data and wasting time.