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    Cart Product Options

      Hello All!

      I am not entirely new to flex, but still a little green around the ears.

      I am trying to convert an existing full functional php site that does product options over to a Flex based site.

      The problem i am running into and cannot seem to figure out is this.

      I understand its important to data type your variables because it results in faster performing and better debugging.

      So I created a class for my products and got a shopping cart items class and shopping cart class created to handle the logic of adding an item to the cart with sorting and filter, remove button, cursor, etc ,etc.

      The problem is this.
      Each if not mostly all of my items have several options each.
      Some items have size, color, style
      Some items have shape, flavor

      point being not all items are a like.

      So back to the problem, how do I get the items options to build when more info is clicked and the item is in full view, more importantly how can I add these options to the items for storage in my cart? the product class does not have the options declared because they are always different for each item? So how do I get the items options to show up, and get tied to the item in the cart?

      I hope I am making sense to you!