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    Issues with 5.5 + 7D

    Isaac Viel

      Just wanted to throw out there a few things I have noticed when editing the Canon 7D files on in ACR 5.5


      1) ACR / Bridge will not see sRAW or mRAW.


      2) Files seem much noisier in ACR compared to say Canon's bundled software.


      3) My biggest complaint is that all the hot highlights reduce to pink instead of just white like my other files. This is a REALLY noticeable issue that takes a lot of work in Ps to get fixed. Also, the colors all just seem a bit ... off?


      Of course, I know that 5.5 is only unofficially supporting the 7D. I just hope these are some of the issues that are being addressed for the upcoming 5.6 release.




      Included are two similarly-edited files. 1 with ACR and 1 with Canon's DPP.

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Isaac, all of these issues are expected given the prelim support status.



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            Isaac Viel Level 1

            Indeed. I expect it and don't blame anyone. I have always been a very 

            satisfied ACR customer and will continue on the same way for a long 

            time to come. Thanks for the reply and interest!



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              dan3430 Level 1

              ... I don't know who to blame... but I'd really like to blame someone. Since this is an adobe forum I'll blame Canon!


              I personally think its ridiculous that two industry giants like canon and adobe can't work together to have bugs worked out by the time a camera hits the shelves. This camera was announced September first, and has been on shelves for over a month.


              Here is the issue I'm struggling with at the moment.





              the first photo is taken with my 5dmkii and the second was with a canon 7D


              I used the same development setting in ACR 5.5 ... and as you can see I get drastically different results.


              I am having a VERY difficult time getting the colors to match accross the board. I can fix one photo at a time, but the development settings/ camera calibration doesn't work accross different photos/ under different lighting conditions.


              I never had this kind of trouble matching 5dmkii files with canon 40d raw files.


              If anyone has a short or long term solution for me I'd love to hear it... otherwise canon and adobe please start working together like partners and support one anothers products...


              A lot of people pay a lot of money for adobe software and canon equipment... it shouldn't be a question that they work together.

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                Jeff Schewe Level 5

                dan3430 wrote:


                If anyone has a short or long term solution for me I'd love to hear it...



                Pretty easy...learn to manage your expectations.


                Look, you camera came with software suitable for processing your raw images from the 7D...


                As far as 3rd party support, you need to EXPECT that there will be a lag and plan accordingly...if you are an early adopter, you pay the price for less than optimal 3rd party support. Since Adobe updates Camera Raw 3-4 times per year, you can do the math to figure out the relative time it may take to get ACR support.


                Ultimately, if Canon offered full DNG support, none of this would be an issue because by default, new cameras would have built in DNG support. Since Canon chooses not to offer that, the end user is forced to wait for 3rd party support. That's the way it is...deal with it. Manage your expectation....

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                  dan3430 Level 1

                  I get that adobe is considered 3rd party support... but really, what percent of canons end users use either lightroom or ACR for managing their photos?


                  Canon does provide software with their camera's for developing raw photos... but what percent of canons users (especially professionals) use DPP?



                  Should I expect that it is in BOTH canon's and adobe's best interests that consumers can use their products as they are marketed? ...


                  P.S. managing my expectations won't help the horrible green tint plauging my 7D's images.



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                    Jeff Schewe Level 5

                    dan3430 wrote:


                    Should I expect that it is in BOTH canon's and adobe's best interests that consumers can use their products as they are marketed? ...



                    No, that is a prime example of unreasonable expectations.


                    Perhaps in a perfect world this might happen but Canon (and Nikon) are first and foremost HARDWARE companies and as such care little about the craft of software let alone 3rd parties developing software for their hardware.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You might try a $100-ish X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to create your own interim 7D Camera Profiles to use instead of the flawed Beta profile.  You can create a dual-color profile to handle a wide range of lighting situations and/or a specific profile for each venue's lighting:






                      Here is an example of how a custom profile corrects the overly-yellow rendering of skintones using the Adobe Beta profile for the 7D under fluorescent lighting near the camera display area at a local Best Buy, which is where all my test shots are taken:



                      Your wedding shot lighting is incandescent lighting (2650K/-3) so the fluorescent-specific profile I've made probably won't work properly; however, you could create a dual-illuminant profile using incandescent for one color-table and "cloudy" sun for the other, and have something that would work for most situations.  Obviously I give this information on an as-is basis since I don't have a 7D, myself, and only have experience with a single light-source.



                      A caveat would be that once Adobe releases final support for the 7D, you probably would want to re-shoot and recreate your calibrations in case there are any changes to the parameters used to create the calibration DNGs, to correct the first issue this thread started with, the non-100% clipping value of the green channel as well as the green-channel-imbalance that also plagues some 7Ds and whatever else Adobe has found.


                      Another thing is that if you already have a ColorChecker you can make calibrations for free, using the DNG Profile Editor from Adobe Labs, or the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport software which is available for download from X-Rite, so the $100 for the Passport is for the calibration target, itself.  I already have a large ColorChecker but find this small, hard-shell-encased version, much easier to carry around and protect so it's worth $100 to me.

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                        dan3430 Level 1

                        Thanks for the tip on the colorchecker, I'll see if I can rent or borrow one from the local photo shop... Maybe I should just order one; seems like it could end up being a good investment.


                        ... and Jeff.... really? I shouldn't expect that Canon and Adobe products work as advertised? I shouldn't expect that they work expediently to keep their customers happy?  I'm guessing that you either work/ed for either Chrysler, GM or the government...




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                          Jeff Schewe Level 5

                          dan3430 wrote:


                          ... and Jeff.... really? I shouldn't expect that Canon and Adobe products work as advertised?


                          Adobe has stated they will update ACR 3-4 times per year...it's unreasonable for YOU to expect Adobe to produce an update out of their schedule just because Canon decides to ship a camera that falls into the between time of an ACR update.


                          Adobe can't provide full support without an actual production camera...if Canon seeded cameras in a reasonable time frame, you would have seen full camera support instead of just preliminary support.


                          If you buy a newly released camera, you are just gonna have to wait until the Camera Raw/Lightroom update catches the new model....and whining about the lack of support for your camera will do absolutely zero to address the issue. That should be your reasonable expectation.

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                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Adobe could release camera-support updates on a more frequent schedule.

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                              Jeff Schewe Level 5

                              ssprengel wrote:


                              Adobe could release camera-support updates on a more frequent schedule.



                              Yep...but their policy since Camera Raw 1.0 was released in 2003 was 3-4 FREE updates per year. That's the deal...also note that the ACR engineers need to continue work on new full version upgrades. If they released MORE minor updates than 3-4 times year, the odds would be pretty good you would see less progress between major upgrades.


                              Sorry, I don't care if somebody who jumps on a brand new camera has to wait a bit for ACR support for that camera. I do care a great deal if doing more free updates interferes with major new features between full version upgrades.


                              The most recent ACR update; 5.5 was released mid Sept. 2009. That means a new 5.6 update is due any time...if that is inconvenient for some users, they are welcome to use Canon's software in the interim.

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                                dan3430 Level 1



                                First of all the ACR updates aren't free; users pay for them before they are released.


                                And secondly, if you read my above posts I am not solely placeing blame on adobe for their lack of support. Ideally canon would have sent adobe a production model as soon as possible... even before the release to the public.


                                If this type of partnership doesn't exist at this point in time... (which obviously it does not) maybe Adobe could work to develop better working relationships with companies like CANON so that it can provide its users with superiour customer service and the best user experience possible!!!


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                                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  The Nikon D300S was announced July 30th, the camera-profile files were created August 13th, 2 weeks afterwards, and it was included in an ACR update 6 weeks after it was announced.


                                  The Canon 7D was announced Sept 1st (1 month after the D300S), and ACR was released 2 weeks afterwards with beta support before the 7D was widely available; however, the 7D won't be fully supported until mid-December (if past scheduling is a guide), which is 3.5 months after its announcement.


                                  A Nikon being supported 6 weeks after announcement and a Canon being supported 15 weeks after its announcement is due to the particular timing of the camera and ACR release.  If the camera is released too close to when ACR is coming out, its support is delayed 3+ months.


                                  Adobe cannot control when a camera will become available to them for profiling but they can control how often they release ACR.


                                  I'd think it would be reasonably for a monthly release cycle (as camera releases warranted), with a beta camera profile at the first month after the camera is announced, and full support after 2 months.

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                                    Jeff Schewe Level 5

                                    dan3430 wrote:


                                    ...maybe Adobe could work to develop better working relationships with companies like CANON so that it can provide its users with superiour customer service and the best user experience possible!!!


                                    ...which Adobe has done since the beginning of Camera Raw in 2003. Unfortunately, the camera makers don't feel the need to go out of their way to "help Adobe" bring 3rd party support any quicker than has traditionally been done.


                                    Ya see, some Photoshop users are happy to blame Adobe and let the camera makers off the hook rather than understanding what the technical and political issues really are. To meet the timing of upcoming releases of Camera Raw, the camera companies would need to provide "production models" (full support can not be done on preproduction units for obvious reasons). These would need to be seeded weeks if not months before a new Camera Raw update is due...however, the odds are the camera companies wouldn't have production units available far enough in advance without the camera companies divulging substantial prerelease information and building the loan of production units into the camera company's complete release schedule. Do you honestly think a camera company would delay the release of a camera simply to ensure Adobe could support it in Camera Raw?


                                    But guess what...the camera companies don't care about Photoshop users...the camera companies develop and release their OWN raw processing software and expect the camera users to use the software that comes with the camera...


                                    Don't you understand there is substantial political resistance to the camera companies lifting even a tiny finger to help Adobe.


                                    In point of fact, the Adobe/Camera Companies relationships are actually improving over time. But the fact remains that there will be a lag from the time some cameras are released until 3rd party support can be put into software such as Camera Raw...and this is a reoccurring issue when people buy newly released cameras and are shocked to find out what the real situation is and are forced to wait to get software compatibility. That's what you get when you want to be on the bleeding edge...you get a bit bloody.

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                                      Dude, just shoot JPG for now or RAW+JPG, I assure you most non-photographers won't know the difference when they get their prints. I shoot mostly sports and we shoot at medium JPG (this was on a 20D before I purchased my 7D) and we were printing 8x10 all day long that people were buying. Not to mention, I was using a $150 Tamron 70-300mm with focus that was, shall we say, not the sharpest and lots of CA in bright hi-lights. If you are doing large fine art wall hangings, you will have issues but otherwise, your wedding photo buyers, etc. most likely won't know the difference unless they are fine art photographers themselves.


                                      So, I hope that Adobe hurries with the CR update, until then, I will do the best I can with what I have. I am not 100% happy about it but sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches and work with what you have.

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                                        dan3430 Level 1

                                        Shooting jpeg isn't a horrible idea... but there is a lot more flexibility shooting raw. I think for now I'll process shots where the ACR profile isn't working well in DPP. Overall ACR seems to work just fine under white balances in the 4500-6000 range... close to natural light.



                                        So, I hope that Adobe hurries with the CR update, until then, I will do the best I can with what I have. I am not 100% happy about it but sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches and work with what you have.

                                        I agree its important to problem solve and figure out how to get your work done... but maybe if people were a little less complacent and spent a few minutes writing their complaints to Adobe and to Canon we would end up with better working products. Just a thought.

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                                          Panoholic Level 2

                                          I think for now I'll process shots where the ACR profile isn't working well in DPP



                                          Be cautious with ISO 100, for ACR does not recognize if and where clipping occured, for ACR assumes an incorrect clipping level (that causes the image appear about 1/3 EV darker than it should be). Do not use the 1/3 stop ISO steps - but you should never use them with raw anyway.


                                          If you have to push the intensity and Blacks is low, you may notice the vertical banding (with 8-columns repetition) ; then you have to go DPP. Maze-like artifacts can be avoided with applying some noise suppression, usually luminance.



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                                            rbb2k11 Level 1

                                            I am far from complacent. I am just saying, all the letters written to Adobe in the world will only do one thing, get them reading a lot of letters and responding to such, instead of working on what we want them to work on. Complacent is not me. Believe me if I have a problem with someone or a company, I am the first to raise hell. My best friend, also a photographer and who runs digital workflow workshops with someone who works on the Adobe development team has been in contact with me and we are trying to get some idea of when this thing is going to happen. What I am saying is, it will happen, in the meantime, your spending a lot of time that could be better spent.


                                            I assure you many, many people have written to and complained to Adobe. They handle a lot of products and are working on many things. Heck, there may be several other cameras not supported. The point is, it's going to happen when it happens and maybe it will happen sooner than it would because they are aware people are upset at this point. So, in the meantime, do what you have to do as I will to make your images work.



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                                              adobe-admin Adobe Employee

                                              Please try out the ACR 5.6 beta in Labs at http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Camera_Raw_5.6





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                                                rbb2k11 Level 1

                                                Get your red hot ACR 5.6 now available with 7D support!


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                                                  Hi Jon


                                                  Re: Adobe RAW 5.6


                                                  Thanks for your efforts - But - Although my CS4 will handle the RAW files ok when I drag the files in from Bridge - Bridge does not display the RAW file thumbnails. It only displays the JPG thumbnails.


                                                  Also - I cannot find the 8BI files in the download - how do I get to them to put them in manually?

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                                                    I installed 5.6 and the updated lightroom but now i get pink highlights 5.5 was not good but the pink highlights startetd with 5.6 here


                                                    any suggestions ?

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                                                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      Can you post a RAW file with the problem to www.yousendit.com or www.rapidshare.com ?

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                                                        moghyukon Level 1

                                                        At the moment not because i shot the images in our prototype park and i get layed off if i release this images in any way but to give you a hint what i shot


                                                        Object on street - low sun light from the left slight overcast no direct sun at the lens (fence)


                                                        and the overcast (clouds) overexposed top of the image gest pink ... (or green / yellow) so this seems a white balance issue


                                                        but it was natural light


                                                        1/200 F7.1 Iso 500 Tamron 17-55mm wideangle


                                                        anyway if I come across another image I ll post it


                                                        thanks for your reply
                                                        regards mogh

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                                                          moghyukon Level 1

                                                          I just uninstalled LR 3.0 Beta and 2.6 RC and did a reinstall with deleted preferences of LR 2.6 RC just to be on the save side no change ..


                                                          This is a small part of the image i can reveal ..

                                                          just to pro

                                                          ove how strong this effect is ... i guess in this image everything has a colorshiftif the whites are so missinterpreted ...


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                                                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                            I think you are saying the sky is magenta because the foreground is greenish and to get that to look right you have to shift things enough that relatively neutral sky turns pink.  This does not, in itself, seem like a flaw in ACR5.6/LR2.6, does it?


                                                            Does the sky-color neutralize if you click the WB eyedropper on the sky? I am unable to neutralize the sky on the JPG crop you posted but I'd hope it works better in the RAW format.

                                                            • 27. Re: Issues with 5.5 + 7D
                                                              dan3430 Level 1

                                                              Here is why I think you are getting a magenta tint to your photos... and yes it does have to do with ACR ( and the 7d). The greens are so oversaturated in the colored area of the photograph that to get an accurate looking white balance the magenta tint has to be jacked up. It looks like your photo is a slightly overcast day outdoors... I'm guessing your white balance should be around 6500 with a tint of +5     However, I'm guessing to get the colored area of your photograph to look normal your tint is over 20.... which is turning the white areas of your photograph magenta... but just balancing out the over saturated greens in the rest of your photograph.


                                                              I believe that ACR 5.6 beta is better than 5.5... but I hope they are still planning on more tweeking of the 7d support.

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                                                                MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                                                                Please provide a sample raw file so that I can make progress on this. Please post it to YouSendIt.com and then paste the link in this forum (or if you do not wish to share the raw file publicly, email to me at madmanchan2000@yahoo.com). Thanks.



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                                                                  Panoholic Level 2
                                                                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                                                                  1/200 F7.1 Iso 500 Tamron 17-55mm wideangle


                                                                  I don't think following  has to do with your pinking problem, but it is not bad to know how your camera works.


                                                                  The 7D (like all Canon DSLRs, except the 1Dxxx models) does not have ISO 500, it is fake. The shot will be made with ISO 400; thus, if the exposure is metered for ISO 500, then the shot is 1/3 EV underexposed.


                                                                  Generally, raw shooters have no reason to use the 1/3 EV ISO steps.


                                                                  Read http://www.cryptobola.com/PhotoBola/Canon7D_ISO.htm for detailed explanation.



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                                                                    dan3430 Level 1

                                                                    Here are two raw files for you to check out...


                                                                    These are files from the 5dmkii and the 7d which I am working on color matching...






                                                                    I don't understand how all these color profiles work in ACR... but in ACR 5.6 I found that using camera faithful for the 7D and using adobe standard for the 5dmkii created very similiar development results....


                                                                    As in I could copy and past settings from the 5dmkii and the 7D file looked quite similiar.



                                                                    here are shots of the two camera 5d on left under same development settings on adobe camera standard




                                                                    here is the same shot with the 5d on left using adobe standard for 5dmkii and camera faithful for 7d




                                                                    here is the output using the same development settings for both photos out of dpp 5d is on left



                                                                    • 31. Re: Issues with 5.5 + 7D
                                                                      dan3430 Level 1

                                                                      as a reference... here is the same development settings using the beta profile for the 7d with the 5d on left.



                                                                      • 32. Re: Issues with 5.5 + 7D
                                                                        Reg.P Level 1

                                                                        Hi everyone


                                                                        Can anyone tell me how to manually extract the 8bi files from the new RAW 5.6 download?  And also the correct path for them.  I am using Vista Ultimate.

                                                                        I have got CS4 and Bridge to show my 7D files but I had to mess about swapping the self installed files around - in fact I could only get it working by completely disabling the 8bi file in the C:\Program Files(x86).....path.  This then required only the 14.941MB 8bi file in the C:\Program Files\Common Files.......path.


                                                                        Many thanks

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                                                                          moghyukon Level 1

                                                                          Hi Eric Madmanchan

                                                                          I did sent you an email with that Raw file linked .. hope you make progress on this


                                                                          @mr ssprengel : no this is a LR issue i tried all different color picer tricks and tried to adjust it manually but its a very tiny space where the image looks ok but yellow/greenish ... of course i could make a colorcorection in the camera correction settings ... with a colorchart i do not have but IMHO a basic setting should be established from LR ...


                                                                          @Panoholic: Interesting this iso stuff i guess the i set it to increment in the full iso steps ...


                                                                          hope this gets sorted out soon


                                                                          by the way is there an option to force LR to redevelop the Raw files so I am sure it has no weired previous settings , from the old ACR 5.5 ?


                                                                          thanks in advance

                                                                          regaards mogh

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                                                                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                            For matching two different cameras, you should use a ColorChecker and created a custom profile for the lighting in the church for each camera, perhaps several profiles if the lighting changed over time or in different areas. 


                                                                            In this case, the lighting is very close to incandescent, so you can probably create your custom-profile after the fact at home in a room that still uses a standard bulb...not a Reveal bulb, nor a CFL, nor a fluorescent, unless the church also had that lighting in other areas.


                                                                            The x-rite ColorChecker Passport color-target and software makes this very easy.  All you have to do is convert the color target photos to DNG inside Lightroom or using ACR or using the standalone DNG Converter, then drag the photo or photos from Finder or Windows Explorer to the indicated area in the Passport software, click Go, choose a name, and the software will create and install the custom profile for you. 


                                                                            Because the color support for the 7D was "beta" in ACR 5.5 and this is still the ACR 5.6 release candidate, you would want to make new profiles once the final version of ACR 5.6 (and the final version of LR 2.6) come out.


                                                                            The next-to-white patch on the ColorChecker can be used to set the white-balance consistently as well. 


                                                                            Depending on the type of lighting in a venue, something to consider is that the shutter-speed is fast enough on these two example shots that if any of the lighting was gas-vapor, such as fluorescent, then the exact color of that light source will change significantly over the course of the 1/60th of a second the A/C power cycle uses.  This means you should use a relative slow shutter speed, such as three or four times slower than 1/60th, when capturing your ColorChecker calibration shots in such lighting.  Your 1/60th of a second shot is probably ok, but your 1/100th second shot would have a color-cast depending on with portion of the 1/60th power-cycle the shutter opened for.


                                                                            The Tint slider in these photos is close to 0 which suggests there the lighting was mostly hot-filament incandescent and perhaps some daylight rather than stained glass and gas-vapor lighting.


                                                                            As far as DPP being more consistent across cameras than Adobe profiles:


                                                                            Canon's internal profile and picture-styles are engineered to be consistent across cameras with perhaps no colors being correct according to a standard across various lighting scenarios.


                                                                            Adobe's approach has been to make specific colors in specific standard lighting correct while other colors are less consistent and the user chooses which colors are correct using a camera profile or using the sliders in the camera calibration panel. 


                                                                            I believe this difference in approach is due to Adobe coming from the print world where, for example, a clothing catalog needs specific colors of the clothing to look correct from the camera to the printed page.  If someone orders clothing from a catalog and they get it home and it looks to be a different color they might be upset.  To achieve this consistency, the manual calibration process used to require using a color-target in a light-box next to the calibrated monitor and some fiddled with the sliders until the particular colors of the clothing looked the same.  Colors of clothing will look different in incandescent and fluorescent and daylight even if the white-balance is set properly, so for things to look the most correct one has to take the lighting into account and create a color-profile in the particular lighting.  To help speed things up, the DNG Profile Editor or the x-rite ColorChecker Passport software can be used to create an optimized profile for a particular lighting situation, as well as a dual-color profile for more general use.


                                                                            While there may be a bug in the 7D profile, still, it is unrealistic to expect Adobe to change their profile philosophy to make all cameras consistent (even across manufacturers) just to help you out in this situation. 


                                                                            It is more realistic to create your own camera profiles for the lighting scenarios you encounter and use those if you are trying to match one camera to another.


                                                                            And probably the best approach is to not shoot the same scene with different cameras when a large area of the photo, the brick wall, can easily be seen to be different.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Issues with 5.6 + 7D
                                                                              moghyukon Level 1

                                                                              Here is a sRaw file with the magenta tint in the overcast sky ...



                                                                              turn down the exposure to see the magenta sky  (highlights)


                                                                              regards mogh

                                                                              • 36. Re: Issues with 5.6 + 7D
                                                                                MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                                                                                Out of curiosity, do you see this problem (magenta in the sky) when you shoot raw, instead of sraw?

                                                                                • 37. Re: Issues with 5.6 + 7D
                                                                                  moghyukon Level 1

                                                                                  Yes i seems so, i just shot some overexposed sky out of my window and the Full Raws get gray when i turn down the exposure in LR2.6 the sRaw get a magenta tint in the highlights ...


                                                                                  getting closer ;-)

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Issues with 5.5 + 7D
                                                                                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                    If you mouse-over the blowout area in Develop do you see 100, 100, 100% for RGB or is the middle green number less than 100 like it used to be when the full RAW showed magenta when the Exposure was reduced?

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Issues with 5.5 + 7D
                                                                                      Isaac Viel Level 1

                                                                                      Thanks for posting the 5.6 Beta. I just edited the original file that I posted of the covered bridge and got no magenta coloring even when the exposure slider was all the way down. I am also able to see sRAW and mRAW in bridge and edit them. So far so good.


                                                                                      Thank you, Adobe, for the support.

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