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    Error: .M2V Format Not Supported & winOGL.dll


      Hello All,


      I recently performed a clean install - reformatted hard drive - of Windows 7 on my computer to replace Vista (both 32bit). I reinstalled Production Premium CS4 an applied all updates as well as all Windows updates.


      I am now finding, just a few days after the install of the new OS, that when I import my .MV2 Premiiere responds with an error, "This file format is not supported" - which it is, I have been using this for months now. I know it is not the best edit format at all, but its what I am working with. The footage is converted .MOD files from a JVC Everio and have all had their file extension changed to /M2V, the audio format is AC3. I have installed the ac3 dll from Encore required (ad3ac3dec.dll - see prior MOD posts) and it does still not import. This ie very annoying, as it doesnt even recognise video clips in old project files.


      As well as this, every so often I receive a "winOGL.dll" error, which may or may not be related but seems to be assosiated with AfterFX.exe, and does not cause Premiere to shut down.


      I have attatched two screenshots below.


      Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




      Windows 7 Home Premium (32bit)

      Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.40GH\

      3GB RAM

      ATI Radion 4600

      All updates installed


      See DxDiag below.


      Adobe Production Premium CS4, all updates installed

      Trapcode suite plug-ins, magic bullet looks, knoll light factory