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    problem with DataGrid horizontal grid lines and popup item ieditor

      I have a DataGrid where one of the columns is a TextArea control as the itemEditor.

      When I edit a cell in the column with the TextArea editor, the TextArea opens up to a height equivalent to
      three rows of data in the grid. The editor works fine; in fact it's been working this way for some time.

      But recently, we enabled horizontal and vertical grid lines on the grid. When the TextArea editor opens up,
      the datagrid horizontal grid lines are drawn across the top of the control.

      I've verified that the TextArea control is not inheriting the styles related to grid lines
      I've verified that the TextArea backgroundAlpha is 1; i.e. the text on the rows underneath the editor is not
      showing through.

      So as near as I can tell, the grid is drawing the gridlines on top of the editor. I've managed to reproduce this by changing a in a trivial, flex-only example I found on the web.

      Curiously, I also have a PopUpButton editor type - it does not have grid lines drawn across when the dropdown
      area that appears when the button is activated.

      Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?