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    monitor/ printer calibration


      are there people who will come to your home and do the calibration for you(I am in NYC)

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          Rick McCleary Level 3

          Yes, but...


          1) Monitor calibration/profiling is something you need to stay on top of and perform on a regular basis (weekly, monthly - opinions vary - but regularly). For that reason, it would be worth your investing in a hardware/software profiling bundle ($200 - $300) so you can do it yourself. It's easy.

          Xrite EyeOne Display 2 is a good start.


          2) Printer profiling is a bit more complex and requires more knowledge and more expensive hardware and software - not worth your purchasing. Yes, you can definitely find someone to profile your printer. The process is easy - you print a target on your printer, send it to the person creating the profile, and they email the profile to you. A house call is not necessary. You can work with someone local, or use an on-line service.

          One of the best is www.chromix.com. Look at their ColorValet profiling service. They walk you through the process - very straightforward.

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            sorry.i didn't get back sooner, but you got spammed.....

            this is great..thank you so much