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    Where does Premiere Elements 8 store files?


      I recently bought a new computer and installed Elements 8 on it. I was in the middle of a video project in 7 on my old computer, had a project folder on my D drive with what I thought contained all my photos and captured video. I moved that folder to my new computer and have been able to link up my photos but cannot find the video clips. I went back to my old computer in the the organizer the frames were there with the clip names but it couldn't link to the actual video clip anymore. I've searched everywhere I know, but can't locate them I 've seen the PREV folder but need to find I guess the project folder. I sure don't want to have to recapture all the footage again if at all possible. Any answers to where Elements stores the video??  Lesson learned, don't upgrade / change computers in mid-project.    Thanks