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    Date and Compatibility




      Apologies for asking so many questions.


      My first question relates to the compatibility of LiveCycle with versions of Adobe Reader. I'm using LiveCycle version


      When I complete the form I'm working on, clients will be filling out my forms in Adobe Reader, as I doubt that most of them have a copy of Adobe Acrobat (full version) like I'm using to create these forms. I'm not saying Adobe Acrobat is bad in any way, I'm only saying that the target market I'm dealing with simply will not have such packages. Is there any version of Adobe Reader that won't be compatible with the forms produced in LiveCycle?


      Now, on to the actual important questions.


      I now have the following scenario:


      I had an issue when I used Microsoft Word, where the client would often send me back a form where the date was incorrect. What I mean is that they would write a date such as Tuesday 4th October (for example). I would then check my calendar only to find out that they had misread their calendar and written a day which didn't fall on the 4th or maybe the meant the 4th but it was a Wednesday, not a Tuesday.


      Now, when I used LiveCyle and preview how a date is going to look, it drops down a calendar and lets me choose from a valid date. Perfect!


      The only downside, is I can't find a way to actually restrict them typing in a date!


      My first preference is to be given a solution were the only way for them to enter the date is via the drop down calendar (no other method).

      My second preference is to enable a way for the client to type in a date, however in this scenario I want LiveCycle to ensure that they have typed in a valid date.

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          pguerett Level 6

          For your 1st question, there is a setting in the File/Form Properties/Defaults where you can set a target version for the form. As each version includes new functionalty then you need to make sure that the client that is used to read th eform matches what you are building. So if you build a form targeted at version 8 and someone eith version 7 opens it  a warning will appear that indicates that they are running an older version than the target and som features may not work. It will not stop them from using the form it is simply a warning.


          For the second issue have a look at pattern masks. They can be made to display the date in a particular format as well as ensure that the yuser enters in the format pf your choosing. You can validate what they entered and put up a warning if they do not comply.



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            chernyega.igor Level 1

            I understand about dates and formats, and the dates is being displayed in the way that I want it, but I can't find an option anywhere which says the user can ONLY select a date via the drop down menu.


            I actually want typing to be restricted so that the only way a user can input a date is by selecting drop down arrow and selecting a date from the calendar that pops up. Is this possible? Please let me know it if it is and how I can do it. Apart from that, everything seems to be ok!




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              pguerett Level 6

              I do not believe that is possible.