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    Suggested workaround for MOD files in PPCS3

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      I recognise that CS3 does not support MOD files for editing, and I understand that editing MPEG files is not ideal, however I just thought I'd post my process in case it helps anyone else in the "no-win" situation that I found myself in earlier this year. We trialled a bunch of options and settled on this one, based on speed and ease for a large number of students with varying skill levels:


      1) Copy your MOD files off the camera to an intermediate location on your machine


      2) Use the free file converter SUPER to transcode the MOD's to MPEG-II (with MP2 sound), taking the opportunity to correct aspect ratio (16:9) and set the highest bitrate available


      3) Import resulting MPG files into Premiere and carry on (archive the MOD's)


      The reason that this seems to work fairly well for us is the speed of the transcode. As I understand it, only the sound is being transcoded during the process (the video is already MPEG-II), therefore even large files take only 10-15 seconds.


      The quality of the finished file seems to be OK (for an MPEG), and I've encountered no sound-sync issues (which is what usually trips me up when testing transcoding).


      I hope this helps someone, and I do stress this is just a "no other option" solution. It's by no means "best practice".


      Matthew P

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          Dear Matthew,

          Thanks a lot for your reply!

          First I want to note that I came across the - rename to .m2v - trick, and that seems to work really fine - no need to convert whatsoever, have you tried that and if so - what are the drawbacks?


          The trick : rename 'untitled-1.MOD' to 'untitled-1.m2v' so premiere can import it without trouble.

          Further I downloaded Super v2009.build.36 (june 10, 2009) from this site:


          But it somehow doesn't not recognize .MOD files.

          Do I need to have some other software installed or am I missing something else?

          I will try to use the 'rename the .MOD file to m2v'-method, before that I did this:

          Convert the .MOD's with mpeg-streamclip (.com)

          For the AC3 audio handling in premiere CS3 I use this trick:

          'Why is there no audio in my imported MPEG file?
          If your MPEG file contains AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio then Mitch411 said:
          If you've got Encore CS3 installed , copy the file ad2ac3dec.dll from the
          Encore CS3 directory and paste it into the PPro CS3 root directory. Once
          you restart CS3, you'll be able to import the file with the audio. This
          means if you've already have a project with the files imported, you'll
          need to remove the files from the project and then re-import them, or just
          start over with a new project.'

          kind regards,

          Tobias Beuving

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            Matt Petersen Level 3

            Tobias, the trick of copying the dll file from Encore to the Premiere is a well known and very effective solution, my workaround is designed for people who a) don't have access to Encore or b) aren't allowed by the higher-ups to copy the Encore file because they work in a closely regulated environment (in my case, 80 machines managed by a central IT division).


            I'm not sure about the renaming to M2V, but my understanding is that would only work AFTER copying the file from encore, as it's that DLL that handles the decoding of the AC3 audio. I could be wrong. In fact you could also rename it .MPG or .AVI and it would still work.


            In terms of Super, indeed if you choose "Import Multimeda File", it does not show MOD files by default. However, if you simply drag'n'drop the files into the conversion window, it works just fine.



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              TobiasBeuving Level 1

              So: the perfect workaround for using .MOD files in Adobe Premiere CS3 to users who have access to Adobe encore is:


              1. copy the AC3 .dll from the encore root-folder to the premiere root-folder
              2. rename the extension of the .MOD file copied from the camera to something that premiere can recognize (i.e.: .M2V )


              * I also want to confirm that super accepts a .MOD file when exactly dropped into the 'output' box.

              Super indicates that the drag-operation is accepted anywhere in the applicationwindow, which isn't the case - and that got me confused.


              Matthew, thanks a lot for elaborating on this issue!


              Tobias Beuving