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    Advice needed on use of soundtracks

    sholmlund Level 1

      This question is perhaps too broad to be easily answered so if I don't get any responses, I won't be surprised (or offended).


      I'm a novice editor. I want to add a soundtrack to a 4 minute new product demo video (automotive repair) that will also have narration. There's intro footage to set the stage (about 30 seconds), then footage of how to properly use the product (3 minutes), followed by a brief close. Some of the sound in my raw footage is usable but there are also still images with no sound and clips with sound I can't leave in.


      Are there any best practices for the use of a sound track? I'm talking about the most basic stuff so don't be afraid to state the obvious. Have been looking at stock music sites but can't find anything appropriate. But even if I find something useful, I'd like some principles about how to properly implement. Even pointing me at a couple good examples would be helpful.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements 7 and 8 come bundled with SmartSound Quicktracks, a program for creating custom musical backgrounds at any custom length and in any style you want. (You can also download a free version of the program as a plug-in for any version of Premiere Elements.) You won't find a better program for creating custom, royalty-free music anywhere!


          There are also a couple of sites that offer royalty-free music in a variety of styles for little or no money. Two great ones are:




          Muvipix offers a number of royalty-free music tracks for free, with an even larger library available for unlimited download to subscription members.


          Depending on your purpose, there may be legal issues with using copyrighted music, such as music from iTunes or Amazon, so I won't include them in this discussion.


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            sholmlund Level 1

            Beautiful. Thanks, Steve!



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For what you describe, I agree that SmartSound is a great asset. This ARTICLE will give you some background on SmartSound.


              One additional aspect of SmartSound that you might want to explore is their stand-alone Sonicfire Pro Express Tracks. One version of it is free with the purchase of any Strata Library (see above article). This program (or its not free big-brother, Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition), plus the Strata Series Libraries offer unlimited control to heavily alter the soundtrack to accommodate narration, and other aspects, like seamless blend behind the recorded Audio from your source material. I use this and the Strata Series Libraries extensively, for the control.


              If you have any additional questions, especially on Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition, please do not hesitate to post. Remember, the power of Sonicfire Pro is based on the multi-track Strata Series music. To get an idea of this power, there are a couple of TUTORIALS on the Smartsound Web site.


              Also, I just got an e-mail from Smartsound and they are having a sale right now. You might want to check that out too.


              Good luck,



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                sholmlund Level 1


                Thanks for the info and recommended reading. I'll check it out soon. I managed to get my project done in PrE 4. Hope to turn my attention to the PrE 8 issues I'm having when I get a chance.


                Appreciate your help.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Good luck with your Soundtrack.


                  As for PrE 8, with most NLE problems, I have found that most issues are usually:






                  Now, with PrE 8, my jury is still out. So many things seem to have been changed, and even with the excellent reports from the field, I am not sure that there are not some issues with this program. Maybe - maybe not? Still, it seems that many of the tips & tricks for earlier versions do not get things going smoothly, regardless of the power of the computers, or how they are set up.


                  Good luck,