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    Problem with cutting


      Hello to everyone,

      I am preparing large format graphic for print everything was fine until I've reached the moment when I have to cut it. I have shaped photo in the circle, main problem is that when I use flatten transparency it cuts whole image to small squares and rectangles. I don't mind it but then don't know if it will be visible after printing. I am doing this first time in illustrator and I just don't know how to do that. What is the best way to slice it. I have attached just part of the whole project in jpg format. This is like sequence of almost equal panels. Does anyone know answer to that.




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          Doug Katz Level 4

          Why are you flattening transparency? (Not suggesting you shouldn't necessarily, just don't understand why you need to.)

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            Not sure we can help when you are using vague terms like "Cut". What do you have to "Cut" and why?


              "I use flatten transparency it cuts whole image to small squares and rectangles."


            Why would you do this?


               "What is the best way to slice it."


            Slicing is for web graphics not print. Graphics created for print should not be sliced.


               "Does anyone know answer to that."


            Still not sure what the question is, not one question mark in your entire post.

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              JcreativeSt Level 1

              I don't know what I am doing just trying everything . this is first time I am doing something like this that's why I am like blind man. I need that photo in circle shape. So what I have done i did put the clipping mask to achieve it but than I just don't know how I can divide it

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                JcreativeSt Level 1

                sorry for my language but I am trying the best way I can to explain what problem I have.


                The question is What is the best way to divide this photo (included in the artwork) in illustrator?


                sorry once again to trouble

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                  Printer_Rick Level 4

                  Not sure I understand. An image cannot be divided using Pathfinder: Divide. Only vector data can be divided.

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                    JcreativeSt Level 1

                    Ok, so what I need to do if I need to slice this artwork with image in two pieces? can I do something like that in illustrator

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                      PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                      Are you trying to archive a wrap around or separate a page break where the cut or fold will be taking place?


                      You can copy and paste the photo and mask, then mirror the mask to hide the side of the photo you don't want on the respective page. If this is what you want to archive. Consider if you have CS4 setting up artboards with the Artboard tool for each page. This allows you to have your pages cut down the middle of the photo and not have to duplicate images or adjust masks. If this is what your trying to archive.


                      Although you my also be trying to make a large document with folding panel, in which case you want to keep one artboard for the whole document and simply create a new NonPrinting layer with dashed lines where you want the Score lines for the folds to occur. If this is what your trying to achive.


                      I could guess at what your trying to achive all day…

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                        PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                        Here is another suggestion. If you are having trouble with the terms and concepts in the mechanics of describing how a printed piece is going to be produced you should get a reference and study it. The one standard all students, artists, designers, printers, publishers, advertisers, buyers of printing and virtually anyone associated with visual communications use is the Pocket pal.


                        http://www.ippocketpal2.com/default.aspx?act=showhtml.aspx?html=readmore.html&AspxAutoDete ctCookieSupport=1

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                          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                          If I understand you in the right way, to create each panel you may:


                          1) Create a copy of the artwork (possibly including (parts of) images),

                          2) Create a rectangle corresponding to the borders of the panel on top of 1),

                          3) Select 1) and 2) and Object>Clipping Mask>Make,

                          4) In the Transparency palette dropdown tick Multiply (or whatever else than Normal),

                          5) Object>Flatten Transparency (leave the Raster/Vector Balance at 100% Vector).


                          Repeated, this will create separate panels. 4) and 5) is to get rid of the invisible parts outside the Clipping Mask. They may be omitted, but then you may accidentally select the panel when clicking on the invisible part. The Clipping Mask outlines strokes of paths, but does not change raster images.


                          Always keep the original artwork; you may just hide it away under the resulting panels; if the original artwork is on its own lower layer and the panels are on the same upper layer, you may check the appearance by showing/hiding the latter.

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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                            I don't think it needs to be flatten but if  you cannot redo it select all the oices of the photo and go to Object>Rasterized that will make it a circle and whole again as well.

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