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    CS4 Problem exporting to HDV with Windows 7


      My environment : Sony HDR UC5E, pro CS4 up to date, Dell quadri processor, Windows 7 Beta 32

      My HDR is connected with ilink to FireWire


      Acquisition is good (HDV1080 50). So I think that my connection is good and the FireWire is Ok.

      I can export to encore CS4  H.264 Blue Ray, the result is Ok.


      But when i try to export to tape in HDV format there is a problem:

      I select "File/export/export to tape"

      CS4 Open the window "Export to HDV". I click on "rendering and register" (in french,sorry for the translation)

      the process start : "Transcodage to HDV" and the progress bar go on. When the progress bar is about on the middle, the message change to "Enregistrement" (registering I think).

      My Sony starts and shows a blue window with the red point in the middle upper. But now the the progress bar don't move and the process never stop until I click on "Cancel". Then all stop but nothing is registered on my tape.

      What is wrong ?

      Thanks for any help.