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    Dreamweaver MX image "open with FW" option opens FWMX want to change this to FWMX2004


      I hope the title made sense


      I have the old Studio MX (FW, DW etc), and I also have a copy of fireworks 2004,


      When i am using dreamweaver MX and want to edit an image on a site and i double click on the image it opens fireworks MX, i want it to open Fireworks MX 2004, now i can get it to open in Fireworks MX2004 by right clicking on the image and selecting "open with" and then navigating to the fireworks MX2004 folder to open it, which is a bit of a hassle,

      Is there someway to get it to open in Fireworks MX 2004 when double clicking?


      Obviously i can't afford to upgrade to the newer versions of either programs, (although i will accept donations ), and I would prefer to keep fireworks MX on the machine as back-up just in case mx2004 goes pear shaped.


      Thanks  in advance for any help.