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    PP CS4 - does it convert to wmv

    321 rollem

      I have PP CS4 and I am looking to convert to smaller files like wmv, mpg, etc.. Can PP CS4 convert into these types of files?


      I recently bought it and have not got my AVCHD editing machine up and running, just so you know..





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Well, Premiere itself doesn't do any converting/transcoding--that's the role of Media Encoder (AME) which is included with Premiere. It's pretty capable when it comes to converting one format into another; WMV and MPEG (of various flavors) are no problem.


          That all said, are you talking about converting files for editing purposes, or exporting finished edits for playback elsewhere (e.g. DVD, web, devices)? I ask because you made a couple comments that make it sound like you want to convert AVCHD clips to "smaller files" in order to edit them. That's all fine and good, but things like WMV and MPG should not be your first choice for that. There are visually lossless codecs like Lagarith that would be better suited, or even DV AVIs would be suitable if you want to work in an "offline" or low-resolution workflow. Just curious about your intent, so as to possibly prevent you any headaches later....