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    I have a thesis project that must involve Flex


      Hey guys, I'm trying to think of a useful Flex (possibly AIR deployed) application idea for a thesis project I'm doing in school this year. Problem is we have to have and present our idea prior to having any classes on Flex yet which makes it somewhat hard to think of the possibilities. We've had one intro class and I got to play with it and get a nice idea of it during an internship in England over the summer.

      So far I have one decent vague idea and one very very vague ideas and I'm just looking for some insight as to if my ideas are even possible/worth it and any ideas you may have that I could try!

      My first idea is to build an 'image gallery builder'. So an app for someone who has no knowledge or experience in web design and wants say an image gallery on their website.
      For eg: A hardware store owner has a website and would like customers to able to easily navigate the store’s inventory in an image gallery displaying images of products for sale.
      So my app would allow him to use a WYSIWYG interface that allows him to manipulate all the properties of a gallery with some sort of completely dynamic changeable base gallery layout. So with all sorts of visual buttons and such the user can change whatever feature of the gallery they would like. Thumb nail sizes, carousel types, headers, content text, colors, content layout etc. And everything they manipulate they can see a it change on the fly.
      A lot of other gallery builders I see out there are very ugly and have very minimal options if you know what I mean.

      What do you think? Is this something incredibly hard to do? does it make sense? That's as far as I've thought it with my minimal knowledge in Flex as of now.

      My other ideas was do something with Flex and the Google maps SDK/API to create an interactive map to visualize geographically-based data that user can work with sorta thing.....haven't really thought that one much further...

      Do you guys have any neat Flex application ideas I can consider?

      And of course using Flex I have a good amount of knowledge (for a third year student) in XHTML,CSS,JS,PHP,MySQL,AS3.0